29 de marzo de 2015


***TASHI*** Sunflower 
The Earth hour event around the globe and we were invited to be one of the sponsors of this show organized by AIM Agency to raise awareness about this!

For that reason we made 2 special items thinking about our beautiful planet Earth

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***Dot-be***Caprice Outflit 

***POSESION*** Tiny Set

28 de marzo de 2015

MISS SL ♛ Venezuela 2015 - 2nd Challenge "Mythical Goddess"

MISS SL ♛ Venezuela 2015
2nd Challenge "Mythical Goddess"

Miss Venezuela was inspired by Maria Lionza.
According to legend, Maria Lionza was a Nívar maiden, big black hair, the favorite daugter of a powerful cacique of Nirgua.
The Shaman of the village predicted that when the child of strange eyes like the color of the water was born, had to be offer in sacrifice to the Lord of Water, the Great Anaconda because otherwise perpetuates ruin come upon them and will mean the extinction of the Nívar tribu but her father was unable to do it and he hid the girl in a mountain cave with 22 warriors who watched and prevented her scape.
She was forbidden to look at herself in the mirrors of water but one day a mysterious force put the guards in deep sleep and left the beautiful girl alone which allow her to scape from the cave and she walked to the lake, discovering her own reflection in the water. awakening the lord of the water the great Anaconda who emerged from the bottom of the lake, falling in love with her and pulling her towards him
In Lake Maria Lionza and the powerful serpent celebrated a spiritual and mystical communion. When her father discovered the union, try to separate them. which make the Anaconda to grow in size to the point that exploded causing a great flood that destroyed the village and its people.
Since that day Maria Lionza became the protective goddess and mother of the nature and wildlife and became queen of love. She has also has been named Cultural Heritage of Venezuela.

Miss Venezuela se inspiro en Maria Lionza 
Según la leyenda, Maria Lionza, fue una doncella Nívar, de grandes cabellos negros, hija encantada de un poderoso cacique de Nirgua. 
El Chamán de la aldea había predicho que cuando naciera una niña de ojos extraños, ojos color agua, había que sacrificarla y ofrendarla al Dueño de Agua, al Gran Anaconda por que si no vendría la ruina perpetúa y la extinción de los Nívar. Pero su padre fue incapaz de hacerlo. Y escondió a la niña en una cueva de la montaña, con 22 guerreros que la vigilaban e impedían su salida. 
Ella tenía prohibido verse en los espejos de agua. Pero un día una fuerza misteriosa adormeció a los guardianes y la bella joven salio de la cueva y camino hasta el lago, descubriendo su propio reflejo en el agua. Así despertó al Dueño de Agua al Gran Anaconda, quien emergió de las profundidades, enamorándose de ella y atrayéndola hacia si. En el lago Maria Lionza y la poderosa serpiente celebraron una comunión espiritual y mística. Cuando su padre descubrió la unión, intento separarlos. Entonces la Anaconda creció se hizo enorme y estallo provocando una gran inundación que arrasó con la aldea y su gente. 
Desde ese día Maria Lionza se volvió la Diosa protectora y madre de la naturaleza, animales silvestres y reina del amor. Ademas es nombrado Patrimonio Cultural de Venezuela.


Dress :
.-Zenith Red Tribal Beaded Dress

.- Sarcastic Papegei Parrot 
.- Zooby`s Pet Store Dark Brown Snake
.- Hannah Kozlowski Tigre
.- Cetro creacion Angelus (marienart.denver)
.- Monthly Splash Shop Water Particles
.- Flying Butterfly Pack of 6 
.-Chop Zuey - Reve d`sEspoir Earrings, Bracelet and Cabachonne Fascinator. FFL

.-[LeLutka] Pocahontas Hair Black
.-BooN gathered mid Hair Base Black

Make up:
.-SG Machu Picchu Tattoo Layers.FFL

.- Nailed It Blooming Spring Set.FFL

Photographe: Roudoudou Hirons

26 de marzo de 2015


 Collection Paris - Set 01

*PosESioN* YERMA Set at Fashion for LIfe 
Hello!! We have created 3 new sets of female poses for Fashion For Life. 
100% of the proceeds will be going to Relay for Life. 

Photographer: Roudoudou Hirons

Emily Hair and Emilia Gown

EMILY Hair - Rigged Mesh
This hairstyle is available in 96 colors, root & OMBRE colors, and can be changed via HUD ... also Diversity pack is available.

***NYA`S*** Emilia Gown
This month at The Instruments the theme is Harrods. 
So here i come with an elegant gown in 6 colors, 
3 solid colors and 3 pattrens, in spring shades

<<March 6th - March 29th>>
time to shine and bright in a perfect Avenue with the theme:  HARRODS
28 great designers made fantastic designs for this romantic round 
The Instruments that inspire us! 

*PosESioN* Glamour at Fashion for LIfe 
 We have created 3 new sets of female poses for Fashion For Life. 
100% of the proceeds will be going to Relay for Life. 

Photographer: Roudoudou Hirons

Violetta Top, Yves Pants and Lydia Shoes

***WICCA`S WARDROBE*** Violetta Top, Yves Pants and Lydia Shoes


<<March 6th - March 29th>>
time to shine and bright in a perfect Avenue with the theme:  HARRODS
28 great designers made fantastic designs for this romantic round ♥
The Instruments that inspire us! 

Photographer: Roudoudou Hirons

22 de marzo de 2015



***ENVOGUE*** MARILYN Hair - rigged Mesh
Hairbase is included in this hairstyle and is available in 80 colors & root colors, and can be changed by HUD, also ribbon texture and tint can be changed via HUD.

BLOG: http://envogue-hairstyle-studio.blogspot.com/…/10/marilyn.h…

Take Limo : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Auro/142/200/23


Photographer : Roudoudou Hirons

MISS SL ♛ Venezuela 2015 1st Styling Challenge

Why do I Relay for Life?
Faith, strength and hope to raise de phoenix because every day is a new opportunity to live.....

Miss Venezuela was inspired by The Phoenix, which is considered as symbol of physical and spiritual rebirth.the power of fire, purification, and immortality that inspires us to start over despite of how adverse or difficult is any situation.
She show us today this styling where red is use as an emblem to honor and to recognize all of those who have suffered and managed to overcome any type of cancer, with faith, will and hope.
Just like The Phoenix, they were able to reborn achieving the ultimate goal for anyone fighting this disease ....to win the war against cancer!

¿Por qué el Relevo por la Vida ?
La fe , la fuerza y ​​esperan recaudar de fénix , porque cada día es una nueva oportunidad de vivir ...

Miss Venezuela fue inspirada por la Phoenix , que se considera como símbolo de renacimiento físico y espiritual.el poder del fuego , purificación, y la inmortalidad que nos inspira para empezar de nuevo a pesar de lo adverso o difícil es cualquier situación.
Ella nos muestra hoy en día este estilo donde el rojo es el uso como un emblema para honrar y reconocer a todos aquellos que han sufrido y logró superar cualquier tipo de cáncer, con la fe , la voluntad y la esperanza.
Al igual que El Fénix , que fueron capaces de renacer lograr el objetivo final de cualquier persona que lucha esta enfermedad .... para ganar la guerra contra el cáncer !


Dress :
.-!Lyrical Bizzarre Templates! Mermaid MESH FP textured by me
.-[LWL] Ava Wings Red

.-Wings: B@R Cherubim Wing
.-Head:  B@R Phoenix Armor 
.-Earrings: A prim made ??by me
.-Rings: A:S:S deLuxe Shoya textured by me

.-BooN SCO052 hair blonde
.-BooN gathered raised hairbase blonde

Make up:
.-MK COMBO Layka by Algezares
.-NOVA Sagam Liner 005
.-[LeLutka] 2011 lashes long 

.- Sexy Mamas Prim Manicure

Photographer by Roudoudou Hirons

20 de marzo de 2015

19 de marzo de 2015

Galadriel & Avenue Dress

Galadriel Jewelry Set 
Avenue Dress Mesh

Alexandra de la Fuente and Layka


***COLORS WORLD STORE*** Eternity 

Mesh Chest Spiked, Mesh Dress, Mesh Wrap Heels

***POSESION*** Terra Set

For the new round of EVENT @ 1ST we have created a new set of female poses called "Terra".

Photographer : Roudoudou Hirons

18 de marzo de 2015

Inspired by TOM FORD Women's collection Spring / Summer 2015

Inspired by TOM FORD Women's collection Spring / Summer 2015


.- PP (Pure Poison)- Paulette Dress 

.- Pure Poison - Beatrix Sandals - Black & Silver

.- h.m.a.e.m. - rapsody ring 
.- [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Marina Bracelet Black
.- [Modern.Couture] Jewelry - Marion Necklace Black

.- [LeLutka]-SEIKO hair - Marilyn

Photographer: Jackson Redstar

" Elegance " Hat


Hat Collection Coming Soon 
Little preview of the First Hat " Elegance " 
Available now in 6 Colors

Photography: Roudoudou Hirons


***FINESMITH*** LANA Jumpsuit 


At kustom9 March
 New set of female poses for only 199L each set