5 de noviembre de 2014


Greetings, thank for your interest in One on One Modeling Tutelage  & Academy.

Being a famous model is fascinating, exciting, beautiful, colorful and especially rewarding. Recognition, fans, compliments and gifts are a plus. However, a beautiful face is  not enough to be the creditor of such glory. The modeling career is perhaps one of the most demanding and sacrificed professions there are, because, it is the only business in which in order to succeed, you have to be perfect in every way possible and the only way to achieve that goal is through study, dedication, perseverance, responsibility  and tenacity. Only with the right tools and advice you will build the solid foundation which combined with your personal talent, will catapult you to success.

And this is precisely what we offer our students in One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy. Years of experience and successful evidence allows us to offer the only method of education that has proven to be the most successful modeling curriculum, the same one which has created more top models than any other in Second Life: The Frolic Mills Method, with no changes nor alterations, but exactly as he created it.

Welcome to One on One Modeling Tutelage & Academy, May you make it to the TOP

For information about the academy please contact Diana Balhaus, Vanka Machiavello and Layka.

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