17 de junio de 2015


FTH: Greek Mythology Casting 2015
MODEL: Layka63
Photographer: Coqueta Georgia

Mesperyian, goddess of torture and punishment, daughter of Hades and Persephone.
Mesperyian is the daughter of Hades god of the underworld.
Read more at Mesperyian was born when Persephone left for the first time to visit Demeter during the warm season
During her absence Hades found himeself so lonely after being with the lovely Persephone that he constently found himself thinking of her at the most randomest times
At these times he sometimes found himself experiencing a type of day dream
Sometimes Hades would vision this child so much that she took on a form, but soon as though never there, the image would vanish into thin air


.- Belen Skin by Machoire

.- Bracelet A&A by Doll`s House
.- Horns by Doll`s House

.-  Azir Set Mask by Axix
.- Necklace Gold by  Axix
.- Ghuldan Bracer Gold by Axix

.- Saki blonde by Argrace

.- Evil Nails by Finesmith

Photo inspiration :

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