11 de mayo de 2015

Dolly Brocade Collection Exclusives

(BYRNE) Dolly Brocade Collection Exclusives for The Instruments-May

(BYRNE) Dolly Brocade Outfit
3 Colours- Silver,Rose and Teal
Top,Skirt,Earrings and Bracelets
Materials enabled.100% Rigged Mesh

 (the event) 
<<AMay 1th - May 28th>>.

Oceane - Fat pack Poupee Makeups

***POSESION*** Maniac Set
American Horror Inspiration in Black
 We start our American Horror Collection, in black section, we have 3 new sets of poses for female inspired on this fabulous tv series. 
This collection is on sale till this Sunday 3rd May!!! 
ONLY 200L each set!!!

Photographer: Roudoudou Hirons

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