31 de mayo de 2015

Miss SL Venezuela - National Costume Challenge

Miss Venezuela marches us a body and color to the skin tight suit, inspired by the Venezuelan National Tree Araguaney "golden flower".
To recreate the tree structure I use copper tones, bronze and wood, on the skin.
While the foliage anker or backrest, which has a multiplication of yellow flowers, which endorses the tropical landscape and light,
which moderated and accompanied with a futuristic touch.
Creation is an exclusive designer fantasy Enzo Champagne, the accompanying with unique designs, designer Cassandra Rain Envogue Hair,
Alge's makeup makeups & Clothes, Tashi possession poses nails and making the Venezuelan identity, with one of the icons of the country.

Dress :
.- Tierra de Gracia Miss Sl 2015 Enzo Champagne
.- Petalos by Angelus Doll
.- LA Enchanting Sire base 
.- Tashi Araguaney
.- enVogue Hair Layka 
.- enVogue Hairbase light Blonde 3
.- Posesion Soleil 
.- Promagic Girl Anklets Copper
Make up:
.- Make up Shadows Colors-Yellows 
.- MK Add L Glow Helena by Alge`s
.- MK Combo Layka by Alge´s

Photographer: Roudoudou Hirons

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