20 de julio de 2015


The Instruments First Anniversary Event 
<<July 18- August 6>>

Exclusive for The Instruments

Ghee's Mari Set is based around the Goddess Mari.
Mari is found in the Mother Goddess of the Faerie (Feri) tradition as well as the ancient Basque culture where She was regarded as a primary deity of life as expressed through the changing weather and her role as bestower of law. She was an androgynous figure and as such stood as a basis for gender equality.  Her followers were persecuted as witches.

The Mari set comes in 3 different colors: Aquamarine, Amethyst and Hematite. The set includes a storm cloud made using animation and particles, a lighting animation, puddle animation and a rain splashes particle emitter that accompany a mesh gown animated with rain and matching ribbon wraps for Slink high feet.  The set can be worn with all parts or just one or two to exhibit the strength of the storm. 

***POSESION***Jupiter Set
At Kustom9 

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