15 de julio de 2015


TIERRA DE GRACIA (meaning Land of Grace) is the latest release from CHAMPAGNE! 
Sparkling Couture and represents the country of Venezuela, where you can find excellent scuba diving, the highest falls in the world, even a unique lightning show seen nowhere else. Its people are warm and friendly, its colors vibrant, its beaches crystal clear and abundant, and it boasts some of the most beautiful women in the world, many who have gone on to become Miss Universe.

It is little wonder that TIERRA DE GRACIA was a stand-out National Costume at the Grand Finale of MISS SL 2015.

A mesh body suit made of coppers, bronzes, wood colors, and lots of sparkling detail provides a rich background for this enticing outfit.

Venezuela's national tree, "El Araguaney" is also known as the golden flower, and these stunning flowers cover TIERRA DE GRACIA. Flowers grace the arms, legs, and shoulders (the shoulder pieces also contain strings of bright pink Tourmaline!), with a perfect bustle of flowers and petals that lay at the lower back. Additional upper and lower ornamentations of jeweled flowers with diamond centers, strings of sapphires and citrenes, and gold embellishments further enhance the bodysuit.

You have a choice of back pieces: one with animated butterflies, and one without. The back piece is made of tree branches filled with the beautiful deep golden flowers -- their vivacious colors reminds us of Venezuela's tropical landscape and light.

We add a stirring and heart-stopping headpiece to complete TIERRA DE GRACIA. This headpiece covers the front of the head with jeweled flowers, diamond centers, with additional diamonds, red rubies, gold spheres, and strings of sapphires and golden adornments that hang at the ears. Several golden flowers at the very top of the headpiece tie it all together into one majestic and unforgettable headdress!

MISS SL Venezuela 2015 (and Top 12 Finalist), and the current reigning Miss Kelini, Layka63 Resident, is featured on our Vendors for TIERRA DE GRACIA! A special thank you goes out to Asia Rae for these lovely photographs!

Variations of "El Araguaaney" hold significance in the lives of many Venezuelans since they consider "El Araguaney" to be a part of their rich geographical identity. You will love the dynamic and electrifying essence of TIERRA DE GRACIA.

A mesh demo is available for you to try at our store. Take the LM below over to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Couture and get your copy of TIERRA DE GRACIA today!

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